AOD as a company

AOD (Alpha Omega Direct) is a Belgian company founded in 2009.

t offers trusted services in an inextricable collaboration with public ministerial officials.
This unique innovative concept is called

We call the public ministerial officials participating in this concept

Trusted Third Party Officers (TTPO)

In Belgium they are court bailiffs and notaries.
The federal public service for ICT (Fedict) can also fulfil this role. 


The following provision is unique to AOD’s articles of association:

“… The objective of the company is to perform/offer Trusted Third Party services or to have these services performed/offered in collaboration with public officials/trusted third party officers, abbreviated as TTPO (including court bailiffs and notaries), by the use of the necessary fundamentals of trust and other aids to provide protection, legal certainty, reliability and a guarantee of electronic traffic (identification, authentication, time stamping, integrity, storage, digital signature, digital and hybrid originality recognition and confirmation)."


Where does the name AOD (Alpha Omega Direct) come from?

From Alpha to Omega, from the beginning to the end of the Greek alphabet, is a metaphor for the flow of documents from start to finish:

TrustO AOD
follows the movement of a document in a completely controlled line from beginning to end, both at the level of the participating parties and the level of the document.


Striving to reduce operating costs in terms of staff, material and archiving, additionally linked to the current European and international requirements to find environmentally friendly working methods which will reduce our ecological footprint, is sufficient reason for expanding all aspects of digital working.

In order to do this, however, it is necessary to find a solution to the Achilles’ heel of digital traffic


Trust is increasingly becoming a key word in digital traffic.

"How can users of the digital highway obtain legal certainty and reliable legal validity, a feeling of trust concerning documents sent and/or received?"

"Where is the turning point between a commercial approach linked to and/or supplemented by objective authenticity?"

The Trusted Third Party Officer or TrustO concept was born out of this concern.

This willingness to switch to digital or electronic traffic must evolve over time.

It is impossible to force everyone to switch from paper to digital administration overnight.

The TrustO concept is a digital alternative which can build a bridge between the paper and digital world.

Finally, we must not lose sight of the difference between trust and security. Security represents only a minimum requirement.

Trust, on the other hand, means ensuring - under the supervision of a public ministerial official (TTPO) - that the appropriate technical security tool is linked by the appropriate person at the appropriate moment in the appropriate environment.

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