What can 
TrustO do for your job and department?

Whether you are responsible for all the financial processes within your organisation, or for just one specific application, the TrustO platform offers a solution for the many challenges that every organisation has to deal with.

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In the current economic climate it is interesting to note that TrustO does not only offer you significant cost savings, it also delivers other profit-generating benefits:

  • fully digitalised invoicing process within a legal framework, including related legal communications

  • collect money much more quickly from your debtors

  • cut costs by incorporating your collection policy into your own bookkeeping, thereby reducing the number of necessary transactions offer your clients a better service by digitally encapsulating your invoicing process within a wall of trust
    and introducing a more customer-friendly collection policy

  • develop a more accurate client profile which allows you to further optimise your organisation. 



With its various modules, the TrustO suite can deliver an immediate ROI on different fronts:

  • collect money much more quickly from your debtors

  • have fewer transactional costs

  • optimise your collection policy by incorporating it into your bookkeeping system

  • achieve enormous savings on registered mails

  • digitalise the interaction process with your clients. 



The TrustO suite provides solutions for digitalising various operational processes, including official or legal documents and communications:

  • e-contracting with both clients and suppliers

  • simplify administration using 360° process integration
    (offer, contract, invoice, collection)

  • improve business intelligence by profiling clients

  • TrustO is a cloud concept, so no need for you to invest to achieve
    directly measurable cost savings

  • You can license the TrustO concept within your own organisation,
    thereby bringing it under your control and linking it directly to your own applications.

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