With DAZ+ the sender not only has opposable proof that they have sent an e-mail with an appendice in a secure manner to an e-mail address, but also of the identity of the person who has opened the mail in question on behalf of the addressed party  (the receiver) 

The sender will then receive confirmation that their mail has actually been received by the other party. They can then use this attestation de jure or de facto. 

This solution can best be compared to the legally enforceable functionalities of both a paper and electronically registered mailbut it does have several additional benefits. 

  • You no longer have to go to the post office.

  • You can send 24/7.

  • You have a content seal under the supervision and protection of a TTPOfficer

    With an ordinary registered letter you cannot prove WHAT you have sent, only THAT you have sent something to a specific post address. But this might just as well have been an empty envelope

  • You can rely on legitimate logging and archiving of the document

    You therefore no longer have to keep proof of postage or other proof

  • Both sending and opening are timestamped

    You will know exactly when and by whom the document was opened (and even how many times)

If, after a period of time specified by the sender, the addressee has not read the mail, the sender may also opt to:

  • send a legal paper printout to the addressee by post or 

  • have it served as quickly as possible by a court bailiff’s writ in the event of urgent necessity .

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