makes it possible for individuals to:

  • virtualise their lives administratively and

  • organise them in a logical, traceable way (in a virtual filing cabinet with multiple drawers).


Life will become a lot easier and simpler for everyone when all the paper that you now exchange with:

  • family member, friends, colleagues

  • utility companies (electricity, water, telecom…) and

  • government authorities (community, regional, city and municipal authorities, police departments, public and social welfare centres, etc)


Can be replaced by digital contacts:

  • no more wasted time

  • no standing in queues or hanging around in waiting rooms (e.g. the post office)

  • all your official documents on hand in an opposable archive


TRUSTO enables you to:

  • communicate with the rest of the world in a simple, transparen tand traceable manner

  • do all this in an extremely safe and legally secure way that puts you first

  • create a personal and ultra-secure archive

  • last but not least, by using TRUSTO you will be contributing to a better environment.

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