More and more families have difficulties to make ends meet. Often one setback is enough to get caught in a downward spiral. Unpaid invoices accumulate and often lead to hopeless and mountain high indebtedness, essentially due to recovery costs, court costs, ...

The classic recovery and collection world offers little perspective: neither for companies which often get payed only partially or even never at all, nor for the debtor who sinks deeper into poverty.

In 2015, Antwerp, together with a few Bailiffs acting on behalf of their public office, started a new service: MyTrustO.

Through this objective and legally accepted concept, indebted people manage themselves to pay back their debts in the long term, without even a summons or judgment being required. And the creditors recover their invoices due without generating new costs.

This approach structurally changes the current system and opens a perspective to the future for indebted people.

We hope that hence on more and more companies will subscribe to this approaches of 'ethically responsible debt recovery.

Debt mountain growing


More and more people are struggling to make ends meet.

Invoices concerning utilities such as electricity and gas, or health care costs such as hospital bills, remain unpaid.

These bills are growing fast, due to costs of payment reminders, reminders of collection agencies and bailiffs, subpoenas, seizures of salary or goods. Debts keep growing and the monthly load becomes impossible to manage.

This creates a hopeless, negative spiral of debts without outcome.


Ethical recovery as a response

How can we prevent that people with debts end up in poverty and lose their dignity? How can we convince companies that the classical way of recovery offers no guaranty on payment of invoices?

'Innovative solutions require other insights and also the courage to shake some trees. That is why started MyTrustO as another way of recovery.'

The MyTrustO service works with this data storage platform combined with the public office of bailiffs. People choose to manage their own financial issues and whilst doing so ask for assistance. The solution to a dispute at first will be sought through negotiation, eventually through mediation and ultimately through legal action. This approach offers a better guarantee to the creditor that debts will be repaid.


The budget of indebted people is no longer spend to cover unnecessary additional costs induced by collection offices, lawyers and bailiffs.

Through the objective and legally accepted MyTrustO concept, you commence your repayments the first month you enter the system.

The assistance offered by the system comes at lesser cost than the recovery costs you accumulate otherwise.

This is the boost in the right direction in order to take control and it offers a new perspective to your future.

Structural change in society

This approach drastically turns around the current debt collection system: it’s the indebted person who takes the initiative to pay off all his debts under the supervision of a bailiff and in the long term.

(MyTrustO nominated for the Federal Poverty Reduction Prize 2016)


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