my e-box: your government documents accessible anytime and anywhere

You could say it is like an online letterbox at the Government. Thanks to this electronic letterbox, you as a citizen or a company can receive all government official documents. Every Belgian has one.


How do you activate My e-box?

You obtain access by identifying yourself once with your electronic identity card (eID) or via the mobile app itsme. You can simply follow the steps below.


  • Step 2: Add my e-box

    To do this, click on ‘add my e-box’. You will then be able to link your e-box with your eID or with the itsme app.

Which documents are sent via my e-box?

Below is a list of government services that already send documents via my e-box today. This list will continue to expand over the coming months and years because more and more government departments will work with it. You only have to activate it once to receive all your available documents via TrustO.



The National Employment Office (RVA)
career break tax form



The National Office for Annual Leave (RJV)
account statement for annual leave



annual overview of career data, career events information



remaining days, calculation of social security contribution



remaining days, calculation of social security contribution



Federal Agency for Family Allowances (Famifed)
child benefit data



Federal Agency for Occupational Risks
tax form



Liantis Social Insurance Fund
tax forms



Auxiliary fund for sickness and invalidity insurance (HZIV)
Information about HZIV insurance



medical care supporting document for the patient



The National Intermutualistic College
legal certificates



Pension Fund of the Federal Non-Profit/Social Profit Sector
pension portfolio




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