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Unless expressly stipulated otherwise, the pages of this website and any simulations that can be consulted via interactive applications are provided purely for information purposes.

AOD shall not assume any liability for any direct or indirect harm that may be sustained as a result the user accessing, consulting or using the information, data or publications featuring on this website or on any other website to which reference may be made.

The applicability of the information featuring on this website is subject to the terms and conditions governing the functionality of this website and will invariably be case specific. Information is not a substitute for advice or assistance in concrete cases. Visitors shall take full responsibility for the choice of the information they consult and for the use they make of that information.

Unless expressly indicated otherwise, none of the sections or components of this website may be reproduced unless AOD has given its explicit consent.

AOD respects the privacy of the users of its website in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 8 December 1992.

Use of the eBox via TrustO

Notwithstanding you have indicated that you want to consult your eBox via TrustO, you will continue to have the opportunity to do this via another recognized provider of this consultation option or via the government's eBox at The same links to all your documents can be consulted via all these channels.


You can manage your eBox settings and permissions via this link. You can also withdraw your permissions here. If you are in your eBox via TrustO, you can change your settings and permissions via “Change eBox profile” (top left).


TrustO gives you an overview of the messages sent by the Document Sender (= the creator of the document). The Document Sender has the full responsibility for the content of the messages they publishe in the eBox.


TrustO - as eBox-ambassador - will continue to encourage both the document senders (DS) and the users of the eBox (citizens and companies) to stimulate the use of the eBox.


You cannot just go into your strictly protected eBox. When you want to consult your documents, identity checks (= strong authentication) will be done using eID or itsme. Your government documents are not kept by TrustO, unless you decide to store them yourself in your TrustO archive. As soon as you use your TrustO account, the session automatically expires after 20 minutes of inactivity.


TrustO is a highly secure environment that is fully supervised by a bailiff (= TTPOfficer). You enjoy the following guarantees:

• TrustO as a platform has no access to your documents in your eBox in any way

• The same applies to all employees and subcontractors of TrustO

• All activities are logged under the supervision of an independant bailiff

• These log activities are the only data that are kept.


TrustO fully complies with the GDPR requirements (see also higher in this disclaimer).

If you have any doubts or you noticed whatever irregularities, you must immediately report them to our Data Protection Officer (DPO) at his email address:

You will then be contacted / informed soon.


TrustO offers various services: Solutions.


If necessary (eg for use in court), you can request an Official Report from our independant bailiff. He will then only take note of the logs of the transactions at your explicit request.


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