Trusted Third Party Officer (TTPO) Services


Certification of the use of electronic documents in general, and the electronic traffic of documents and data in particular, as well as their storage and archiving, under the supervision and confirmation of a public official though the use of the IATIS (Identification, Authentication, Time stamping, Integrity, Storage) principle.

The TrustO concept covers the entire flow of documents, from paper to digital and vice versa.
It also provides authenticity at all times, both at the level of the document and the user.

Legal basis

In principle, it is the notaries (1500) and court bailiffs (548) in Belgium who could use their powers as public ministerial officials to act as a TTPOfficer.

In the case of court bailiffs, we refer to article 519 paragraph 2 of the Judicial Code:

“Court bailiffs may be appointed to verify purely material facts, without issuing any advice concerning the consequences, de facto en de jure, that might arise from them; they may also, at the request of private individuals, proceed to verify this. They also make verifications that belong to the legal practice of their office.”

The material verification of facts (including digital facts is) is part of the daily activities of a court bailiff. In current digital traffic a court bailiff or a notary is engaged for online public sales of moveable and immovable property.

In the TrustO concept, the public ministerial official is requested as an independent third party (Trusted Third Party) to provide a permanent (24/7) record of confirmation subject to the application of the IATIS principle.

Unique proposition

In current digital traffic, there is regular demand for a commercial trusted third party (TTP) who, as a third party, provides for the verification of the items being sent. Such a TTP signs an agreements with the client to ensure this service. They are subsequently legally regarded as a concerned party rather than a third party; they have, after all, a contractual relationship with the client or sender.

In contrast to this, the TrustO concept has an independent public official who acts as a real trusted third party adding an extra legal layer around your digital traffic. This wall of trust offers the user maximum security and guarantee, as well as a legally reliable and therefore enforceable proof.

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